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Acrobatic Adage


The characteristic feature of this act are extremely spectacular acrobatic lifts, very difficult technically, requiring a unique combination of strength, contortion and balance of partners. Outstanding choreography, spectacular transition from one position to another, combined into one smooth motion witch looks like dancing - all that with accompaniment of music. Unexpected, dynamic elements such as drops and rapid spins, take away audience's breath and reflect the musical accents.

Duo Silk

Duo silk is the aerial show, with a huge load of emotions affecting each other. The duo Silk act talks about passion and mutual love of two people. Lovers soar high into the air to break away for a few minutes from the surrounding reality and dive in the pure world of dreams. Artists present to the vievers images characterized by lightness, grace, flexibility and united strength.

Aerial Hoop

Acrobatic choreography on a rim suspended in the air. Strength, balance, grace and precision characterize the act takes place a few meters above the stage. The whole act reminds a sensual dance in the air.

Live Runs Away by Andreas Gemperle

Izabela & Pawel performing in unusual locations shipyard, beach in front of torpedo station, old riffle factory in Gdansk / Gdynia.  © Andreas Gemperle

Opening of Fantastic Journey

We took a part of creating and opening of a brand new show for Princess Cruises directed and choreographed by American Idol’s Danny Teeson. Inspired by China's heritage of visually stunning, multi-faceted stage productions, Fantastic Journey combines rock-concert energy and spectacular aerial performers. The most technologically innovative production show ever presented on-board beautiful Majestic Princess features 270-degree 3D-mapped imagery and 14 choreographed drones.

Demo Reel